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Made by a Veteran

The Cuban missile crisis began by Russia putting two large missiles in Cuba, capable of striking Washington DC in about 6 minutes with a large nuclear warhead. At that time, I was a pilot on the B-52 bomber, with a top-secret crypto clearance, which was the highest clearance you could get. President Kennedy told the Russian dictator to immediately remove the missiles, on an early Sunday morning. He refused, and Kennedy launched 125 B-52s with 6 nuclear bombs on board each aircraft. We flew from Maine to the Mediterranean Sea, circled around the Mediterranean twice, and then returned to Maine – non-stop. During the trip, we had two air refueling – one for 80K pounds of fuel, and one for 125K pounds of fuel. Again, this was all done non-stop in 24.5 hours with only two pilots on board. It was an extremely intense period of time.

Percentage of Proceeds go to Haiti  

I started going to Haiti in the fall of 1992. I bought 7 acres of land in Gauntre about 25 miles northeast of Port Au Prince. We collected money from 5 church groups in River Falls, Wisconsin, and build 25 houses on the property. A few years later, we again collected money from the same churches and built a school for 650 kids. The teacher’s salary is about $80/month and a 60 lb bag of beans costs about $80. They are very much in need of an increase in salary, which is what we’re attempting to help them with.

Shipping Information

We deliver across the US by air and ground.

Shipping costs by air: $310

Delivers from Minneapolis to LA, New York, Miami, Dallas, and more.

Shipping costs by ground: 

Delivers to Chicago, LAX, DFW, MIA ranging from $97 to $237 and can get there in 2-4 business days.

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